CoP ForestDSS News March 2018

03.21.2018 |
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This is the March 2018 newsletter of the Community of Practice (CoP) on Forest Management Decision Support Systems sent to all registered members. We would like to update you on the recent developments in the CoP:

The minutes of the annual ForestDSS Council meeting which has taken place on the 18th of September 2017 as a side event of the 125th IUFRO Anniversary Congress in Freiburg, Germany are available online. Besides the DSS sessions during the IUFRO congress there were intensive discussions among the DSS experts how to continue with the CoP in the next years. As a consequence of the discussions we have decided to launch the DSS related news also via Twitter - so you are welcome to follow us via @dss_forest as well ! Read more ....

Opportunity to participate in DSS related conferences:

There are several conferences organized this year, which allow strengthening collaboration and outreaching by the DSS community. In the conferences the members of the CoP are actively engaged as session organizers or co-organizers of the conference, which allows you to meet colleagues or organize side events:

The ICDSST - PROMETHEE DAYS 2018 will focus on the role, the qualities, the models and methods offered by sustainable data-driven and evidence based Decision Support. The ICDSST in 2018 is jointly organized by the EURO Working Group on Decision Support Systems (EWG-DSS) and the PROMETHEE DAYS group. The conference will be hosted by the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research during 22-25 May 2018. Read more ....

The international conference "COMMUNICATING RISKS IN Decision Support Systems: from basic research to advance decision support tools" is held from 6 and 7th June in Solsona and 8th of June Barcelona. It will focus on the presentation of models, methods and decision support systems that may be used by public administrators, forest owners and industry for forest management planning in a context of risk and uncertainty. This conference is co-financed by the SuFoRun international R&D project ( and is organized by Centre Tecnològic Forestal de Catalunya (CTFC, Spain) and IUFRO unit 4.04.07. Read more

The open conference of the IFIP WG 8.3 on Decision Support Systems (IFIP DSS 2018) is held during 13-15 June 2018 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The theme of the conference is DSS Research Delivering High Impacts to Business and Society and provides an overview about Decision Support Methodologies, Systems & Software, Decision Making, Behaviours, Data & Decision Models, Business Analytics, Intelligence & Knowledge Discovery as well as Case Studies and Applications of Decision Support. Dr. Arkady Zaslavsky from the Commonwealth Science Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) is one of the keynote speakers. Read more

There are many more conferences scheduled for 2018 - you are able to track the latest call for abstracts and get to know about interesting conferences at the news and events page of the CoP.

Opportunity to participate summer schools:

There are several summer schools organized during the summer months, which have a special focus on the development and application of forest management tools and techniques. Take the opportunity to participate in the trainings:

  • You invited to participate in the Summer School on MCDA/MCDM to be held in Chania, Greece, from 23 July - 3 August, 2018. The summer school targets towards PhD students who are interested in theoretical and applied aspects of MCDA/M and seek to get an in-depth undestanding of the field and related topics. .Read more...
  • A two-days practical workshop will be held at Umeå from 20-21.08.2018 where beginners and more advanced modellers in the realm of agent/individual-based modelling mix and meet. The objective of the workshop is to share knowledge, experience and tips and tricks in this important field of modelling and to advance our understanding of how to apply this concept to various fields of ecology.. Read more...

Call for papers in journals

The International Journal of Communications, Network and System Sciences has launched a special issue on the topic Management Information Systems. Topics can cover papers on Software development, Information management models, Analysis of information management processes or Information technology management Submission Deadline is 29th March 2018. Read more

The Journal Forests will publish a special issue ""Integrating Ecosystem Services into Valuation and Forest Management Decisions" . Besides studies that promote the integration of different ecosystem services into forest management decision making processes through quantitative models, also mathematical programming with single and multiple criteria in deterministic and non-deterministic scenarios are welcomed. Deadline for manuscript submissions: 25 Juni 2018. Read more....

New publications and tools

The working group members Isabella De Meo and Chiara Torresan have intensively worked on an updated of the list of publications related to Forest DSS on the Community portal. More than 275 references are now listed, including the most recent publications in the field of decision support. This is a valuable source for conducting reviews in the field of Forest Management Decision Support Systems. You are welcome to screen the list of publications and add you most recent paper as well!

In case that you would like to share your activties and your DSS related projects with the community, please provide us with a short notice, so that we are able to include the information in the portal and in the next newsletter. Decision Support in AFORCLIMATE and Decision support for protected area managers - FORADAPT provide some examples on interesting decision support projects.  Please check out the website for further announcements via the news and events pages or follow the latest discussions at the community pages.