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The general objective of the LIFE AFORCLIMATE project is to maintain and improve the efficiency of the beech forest ecosystem in the Apennines, through effective forest management that is adapted... more...


The core group of the ForestDSS CoP participates intensely in the work of the community through discussions and special project activities. This group typically takes on leadership roles in... more...


This is the April 2017 newsletter of the Community of Practice (CoP) on Forest Management Decision Support Systems sent to all registered members. We would like to update you on... more...


The ForChange group works in the areas of forest resources inventory and modeling. As a result of several national and... more...


Jason Papathanasiou, Nikolaos Ploskas and Isabelle Linden have recently published a new book on case studies of real world DSS applications. The book highlights... more...

Latest Publications

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Thiele J.C., Nuske R.S. 2016 Design and implementation of a web-based decision support system for climate change impact assessment on forests