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In the 1960s, researchers began systematically studying the use of computerized quantitative models to support and improve decision making and planning. Around 1970, first articles on management decision systems, strategic planning systems and decision support systems (DSS) in general were published in business journals. Within this domain, business administration and managerial decision making have been initial major areas of DSS development and application.

Beginning in the early 1980s, decision support systems also attracted interest within the forestry domain and since then DSS have been increasingly developed in forest sciences. It became evident, that decision support for forest management has specific requirements which are related to the dynamic and complex characteristics of natural systems and the need to take into account the socio-economic environment and the related emerging decision making processes. Nowaday forest managers use advanced decision support tools, expert and knowledge based systems including various multi-criteria techniques, optimization methods as well as communication and visualization tools. This compilation provides an overview about Decision Support Systems in Forest Managament.

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