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The complexity of forest planning has led to the development of computer-based systems for analysing and solving these problems. Many countries have developed such forest management decision support systems independently. Within the COST Action FORSYS a network of forest decision support specialists was established in order to share techniques and lessons learned.

Case studies are a widely used technique for sharing knowledge from past experiences. In relation to FMDSS, the case is typically the use of a system to address specific forest planning problems. Most of the existing FMDSS literature focuses on the system architecture and/or novel models and methods developed for a forest management problem. Such real-world case studies have the advantage of enabling detailed understanding of both the tools and the context in which they are applied. As part of its networking activities, the experts of the ForestDSS community solicited such case studies from their own experiences. This overview provides a short synthesis of some of these cases, with a particular emphasis on identifying common lessons learned that can serve as guidelines for future FMDSS development and use:

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