COMMUNICATING RISKS IN Decision Support Systems: from basic research to advance decision support tools


The international conference "COMMUNICATING RISKS IN Decision Support Systems: from basic research to advance decision support tools" to be held from 6 and 7th June in Solsona and 8th of June Barcelona will focus on the presentation of models, methods and decision support systems that may be used by public administrators, forest owners and industry for forest management planning in a context of risk and uncertainty. This conference is co-financed by the SuFoRun international R&D project ( and is organized by Centre Tecnològic Forestal de Catalunya (CTFC, Spain) and IUFRO unit 4.04.07.

The conference wants to provide a meeting and discussion space on scientific and expert knowledge about risk and uncertainty and methods to include this knowledge in decision support tools. Risk and uncertainty includes topics as climate change, wildfires, storms, avalanches . The conference has the following specific objectives;

  • Understanding the impacts of climate change and different hazards in forestry
  • Presenting results of modeling risk and uncertainty
  • Underlying uncertain factors in forest decision-making process
  • Presenting tools for identifying, propagating and analysisng uncertanity in forestry
  • Understanding the implications of integrating risks in forestry
  • Presenting useful approaches to communicate risks and uncertainty with stakeholders
  • Presenting approaches and tools to deal with risk

Abstracts for oral presentations that are related to the to the topic of this conference are welcomed.  The abstracts will be used to group presentations into sessions of similar content and they will also be collated into the program book for distribution at the meeting. 

Please include the following information in the abstract:

  1. Underline the name of the presenting author, and provide contact email address.
  2. Provide address details for all authors.
  3. Please prepare the abstract using Microsoft Word.
  4. Please submit it named as “LASTNAME_RiskAnalysis_abstract.doc”
  5. Submit the abstract to this e-mail address:

The abstract submission deadline is March 15, 2018.  All abstracts will be reviewed by the scientific committee.  Authors will be informed of the review results by April 1, 2018. Be aware that All speakers are required to register by May 1st or their submission will be pulled from the program. Requests for Invitation Letters will be considered after abstract submission.

more information can be found here