Call for abstracts - SSAFR 2017 extended

The Symposium on Systems Analysis in Forest Resources (SSAFR 2017) will be held from 23rd-27th of August 2017 near Seattle, WA. Past symposia brought together decision scientists from around the world who studied forest systems with the goal of making better management and policy decisions. Common topics included harvest scheduling, spatial reserve design, wildfire management, wildlife management, invasive pest detection and control, forest ecosystem services, supply chain optimization for biofuel and timber and non-timber forest economics. The overarching link across these topics has been the use of operations research and decision theory to inform on-the-ground management as well as forest policy. The 2017 SSAFR is going to be unique in that it will bring together two traditionally disconnected disciplines both working on forest decision support systems: the remote sensing/geospatial informatics community and operations researchers.

Abstract submissions are now being accepted for SSAFR 2017. The symposium aims to have presentations representing a broad area of systems analysis models and techniques useful for analyzing problems associated with the management of forest resources as well as the forest sector.

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The call for abstracts was extended until 10th of February 2017!

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