Minutes of Working Committee Meeting of ForestDSS CoP

05.23.2017 |
Harald Vacik's picture

The core group of the ForestDSS CoP participates intensely in the work of the community through discussions and special project activities. This group typically takes on leadership roles in guiding the community activities and works out the work plans. On the 15th of May 2017 the group has organized a virtual meeting in order to discuss the latest developments. The purpose of the meeting was to update the community members what kind of collaborative activities are ongoing, how the CoP network could support these actions and how the members can benefit from future activities. In the attached minutes a short overview about the discussion points is given:

  1. Information and update on the latest developments within the CoP

  2. Reflection on responsibilities / tasks of current WC members / role of the coordinator

  3. Discussion of a "focal point" for the CoP activities in 2017/18

  4. Participation in meetings 2017 and next council meeting

  5. Funding options for ForestDSS CoP

All members of the ForestDSS CoP are welcome to contribute to the activities of the network and are invited to participate in any of the proposed activities. Please feel free to get in contact with the leaders of the working groups (Jordi, Christian, Sean and Harald) and with the coordinators (Harald and Ljusk-Ola) of the CoP.