Workshop Individual/Agent-Based-Modelling

Agent/Individual-based modelling (ABM, IBM) techniques have emerged as crucial tools for analysing and understanding self-organisation processes in various ecosystems as well as in social sciences. ABM/IBM is a methodology for relating the micro-level behaviour to the macro- or system-level behaviour and shares certain similarities with game theory. In combination with new methods of spatial statistics ABM/IBM have become an intriguing method for studying spatio-temporal patterns among other things.

A two-days practical workshop will be held at Umeå from 20-21.08.2018 where beginners and more advanced modellers in the realm of agent/individual-based modelling mix and meet. The objective of the workshop is to share knowledge, experience and tips and tricks in this important field of modelling and to advance our understanding of how to apply this concept to various fields of ecology.

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