Call for papers - Supporting and Explaining Decision Processes by means of Argumentation

While systems based on complex decision-making techniques are developed and widely used in various industrial settings, there is a pressing demand for methods that humans can understand.
Transparency alone is rarely sucient: in order to let users inspect their rationale, recommandations must often be at least accompanied with explanations, or even integrated in a dialectical process allowing the discussion and revision of the recommendation, of the options at stake, sometimes even of the model used. Artificial Intelligence (AI), in connection with argumentation theory, has developed various techniques to handle these issues, where the purpose can be to generate qualitative explanations of decisions based on existing quantitative models, but also to use computational models of argument to generate the options to be considered in the decision process, to reason on the basis of pieces of evidence either supporting or contradicting a decision, or to design interactive decision-aiding process with argumentative features, to cite but a few.

The Guest Editors invite papers on "Supporting and Explaining Decision Processes by means of Argumentation" which will be published as a feature cluster in the EURO Journal on Decision
Processes. Our ambition in this special issue is to strengthen the connection and mutual awareness between the OR and AI communities working on these issues. We invite contributions making explicit connections or comparisons between decision-theoretic models and argumentative approaches. This includes in particular, but not exhaustively:

  • argumentation-based decision-making
  • explanation for multi-criteria decision-making
  • argument schemes for decision-making
  • dialectical processes for supporting decision-aiding processes
  • ¬†real-world applications involving argumentative features in the decision process

Prospective authors are invited to submit :
(1) an (optional) expression of interest, up to one page describing the envisioned submission, to be sent by email to the guest editors [deadline: 15/06/16],
(2) a full paper to the Editorial Manager system as Original Research with a reference to this Call for Papers ( [deadline: 15/06/17]
The Special Issue is planned to be published in December 2017.

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