Call for abstracts EGU 2018 - Managed Forests and Global Change

The co-organizers of the European Geosciences Union General Assembly (EGU-2018) invite you to submit an abstract for either an oral or poster presentation to an exciting symposium on “Managed Forests and Global Change” (BG2.27/CL3.08/SSS13.7).

Description of the session

     Predicting the long-term effects of forest management on the quality and quantity of forest resources forms the foundation of forest planning and policy. However, global environmental changes (GECs), such as atmospheric pollution and climate change, are making it difficult to predict the impacts of forest management on future timber production and other forest ecosystem services. Thus, there is need to better understand how GECs interact with silvicultural practices in controlling the performance of individual forest species as well as the dynamics of complex forest communities. The proposed session encourages submissions from all aspects of research dedicated to understanding these interactions. For example, submitted abstracts may be relevant to: forest nutrient cycling, (b) forest carbon budgets, (c) above–belowground interactions, (d) modelling forest growth, (e) forest disturbance and succession, (f) dendroecology, etc. The session is expected to foster scientific interactions and interdisciplinary collaborations among participants from different backgrounds.

The event will be held at the Austria Center in Vienna, Austria, from April 8 – 13, 2018. You and your students/colleagues are cordially invited to submit an Abstract before the submission deadline (January 10, 2018) via this link:

Please note the following points:

  • Conference fees include free public transportation in Vienna during the week, enabling attendees to stay anywhere in Vienna that they choose.
  • Oral sessions are comprised of 15 minute talks, and are complemented by poster presentations.
  • Posters may be electronically sent in advance to the EGU organization committee (e.g., PowerPoint or PDF file), who will print and hand them over to you upon registration.
  • the EGU Organizing Committee will be asked to grant us a “Poster Summaries and Discussions” (PSD) session dedicated to short (2 min.) oral summaries of all poster presentations (2 slides each).  PSDs are designed to ignite interactions between poster presenters and all session participants.
  • The team of conveners will try to organize a supper in some restaurant during the week, to foster social and professional interactions among participants.  If there is interest, it is also possible for us to organize a business lunch or a thematic workshop during the week in order to develop strategic actions to move the science forward.

More information from

Robert Bradley (Convener) // Dr. Christian Ammer, Dr. Frank Berninger, Dr. Michael Gundale, Dr. Tuula Packalen, Dr. Willian Vieira, Amy Wotherspoon, and Dr. Loïc D’Orangeville (co-conveners)

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