NTFP2017 - International conference on Non-Timber Forest Products and Bioeconomy


Natural Resources Institute Finland and Arctic Centre of the University of Lapland will host a joint conference covering basic and applied research about Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) as a part of the bioeconomy. The international conference on Non-Timber Forest Products and Bioeconomy (NTFP2017) will take place from the 28–30 November 2017 in Rovaniemi, Finland.

The first two days of the conference will consist of presentations by invited keynote speakers and selected specialists. The third day is reserved for keynote speakers, remarks and comments by company participants, and concluding remarks. The event will be composed of the following themes:

Theme 1: Ecological sciences and NTFPs, NTFP production Novel knowledge about interactions between NTFPs and environment Synergy between NTFP production and forestry NTFPs in agriculture Intensive NTFP production: Bioreactors and incubators

Theme 2: NTFP processing and engineering Molecular characteristics of NTFPs New NTFP processing methods: Technologies, products, effects and quality control

Theme 3: Human sciences and NTFPs Human sciences and socioeconomics within the framework of NTFPs: Economics, governance and social / cultural sustainability Studies about emerging and existing NTFP market segments, their characteristics and consumer perceptions (quality, origin, brands)

The deadline for abstracts is 7 August 2017. Notification of acceptance will be sent to corresponding authors by 1 September 2017. There are six topics, of which we kindly ask you to pick up one for your abstract. You can also choose ‘Other’ and specify it in more detail in the next question.

Topics: Ecological sciences and NTFPs Molecular biology and chemistry of NTFPs Human sciences and NTFPs NTFP production NTFP processing and engineering NTFP commercialization

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