On behalf of the CoP on Forest Management Decision Support Systems we are pleased to invite you to the ICDSST 2017 EWG-DSS 2017 International Conference on Decision Support System Technology to be held in Namur, Belgium, during 29-31 May 2017. This ICDSST 2016 will focus on the way of how DSS can help address various sustainability & societal challenges (inspired by the EU Horizon 2020 programme) in order to build a better society for us and for future generations to live in. Addressing societal issues is a daily need for each one of us. The special session 'The use of DSS in forest resources management and policy analysis' aims at presenting and discussing the state-of-the-art on the use of DSS in the forest sector and it will include oral presentations as well as posters to be selected according to the relevance for the topic. This year conference´s theme is Data, Information and Knowledge Visualisation in Decision Making. Decision makers are facing many challenges in managing forest resources in a sustainable manner and addressing the rising demands from society. Although the consideration of the interactions in spatial and temporal contexts between society and forest resource management is complex, there is a need for easy to use decision support tools which help with data, knowledge and decisions visualisation. The special session of the ICDSST 2017 conference will explore these challenges and discuss options for smart solutions.