Heureka is used by all larger forest companies in Sweden

05.05.2016 |
Tomas Lämås
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The Heureka system is a series of software tools developed at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) that allows the user to perform a large amount of different analysis and to create forest management plans (see http://www.forestdss.org/wiki/index.php?title=Heureka and http://www.slu.se/heureka) . The system can perform short and long term projections of timber, economy, environmental conservation, recreation and carbon sequestration. It is used by all larger forest companies in Sweden (~40 % of productive forest land) and by many mid and small sized forest owners. A few news flashes:

  • It is now possible to add your own growth and yield and other models together with the Heureka system. You write your own ddl’s and the Heureka system will pick them up at program start.
  • Heurekas is now using DotSpatial's GIS-library (http://dotspatial.codeplex.com) for spatial computations and map rendering (already in version 2.4; version 2.5 now out).
  • The number of scientific articles based on Heureka analyses has now reached 30. The first article was written in 2009 and 30 articles reached at the end of 2015. They are written by a number of research groups, including outside SLU.
  • A larger work with forest scenarios covering the whole of Sweden and with a horizon of 100 years, SKA 15, has been completed with the Heureka system and incorporated into the Swedish National Forest Program process.

The system covers the entire analytical chain, from forest inventory plots, through predictive modeling and optimization, to tools to rank alternatives. The system consists of the following applications:

  • StandWise: For stand-level analysis, with 2D and 3D visualization. StandWise is an interactive simulator where the user specifies specifies treatmens period by period.
  • PlanWise: For forest-level and landscape planning. Enables the exploration on many different management options and has an inbuilt optimizer for solving problems. Includes a report builder for maps, tables and charts.
  • PlanEval: An application to compare and rank the plans created in PlanWise.
  • RegWise: The impact on the regional level. Hugin's successor.
  • PlanStart: Tool for importing forest data, and prepare for field inventories.
  • Ivent: Field computer application to inventory plots. Communicates with computer caliper, altimeter, GPS, and PosTex, a new instrument to determine tree coordinates.

More information can be found in the HEUREKA WIKI as well.