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The mission of the Wiki Task Force

The overall target of the FORSYS WIKI is a well-functioning and easy-to-use platform for sharing knowledge about DSSs, their development and use. It has a well established users’ community and its future is ensured thanks to the support of at least one strong organisation;

The FORSYS WIKI Task Force comprises the core of the users’ community and is responsible for achieving the overall target;

The Task Force has a limited number of motivated members with at least one representative from each WG. The Task Force organizes itself so as to ensure the attractiveness of the platform and the quality of the WIKI content, as well as to coordinate its future development. Members of the Task Force systematically and actively search for and motivate people likely to publish interesting content on the WIKI.


20 July 2012: 1st skype meeting for preparing the 1st workshop

4 thematic groups were established for approaching the FORSYS wiki content:

  • TG1. semantic wiki techniques: current implementation and further development possibilities (focus on the semantic forms and queries), interfaces with other semantic systems (Jussi, Alexandra)
  • TG2. lessons learned, case studies, guidelines and their connection to DSS descriptions (Andrej, Sean, Eva-Maria)
  • TG3. integration of the content of the country reports in the semantic wiki, as well as design of the overall semantic system (concepts and their relationships, especially new concepts other than DSS description, lesson learned, case study and guideline - further steps toward an ontology ?) (José, Christian)
  • TG4. organisation of the task force and the future of the semantic wiki, governance model (incl. quality control) (Ola, Harald, Tomas)

Agenda for the 1st workshop.

3-4 Sep. 2012, OPorto: 1st worskhop