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Open issues

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Wiki IssueHas issue priorityHas task statusHas issue typeHas responsible person or organization
Combo box vs. multiple values (Has other models)1-highNot startedBug
Contry Report Category1-highNot startedSuggestionForsys
Some of the queries in FAQ are not yet implemented1-highNot startedSuggestion
Information about the properties1-highNot startedSuggestionEFI
Integration of decision support tools?1-highNot startedSuggestionFORSYS
Import data Methods and Dimensions (WG2)2-mediumNot / Bernhard Felbermeier
Lessons from Survey2-mediumNot startedSuggestionAlexandra > Sean
Quality flag: implementation still hanging2-mediumNot startedSuggestion
Import queries and other pages from the testwiki2-mediumNot startedSuggestionChristian /
Moving pages error2-mediumNot startedBugwiki site
Lessons from Country Studies2-mediumNot startedSuggestionSilvana > Sean
Knowledge management process - definitions of alternatives are not clear enough fro a non-expert user3-lowNot startedBugEFI
FORSYS Problem dimensions - necessary or not for Lesson3-lowNot startedSuggestion

Closed issues

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Wiki IssueHas issue priorityHas task statusHas issue typeHas responsible person or organization
Lower-case property values (import error)1-highCompletedBugJuss -> CR, Sean -> Cases, Lessons
Some pages do not display1-highCompletedBugSean > Allan
Import Lessons from test wiki1-highCompletedSuggestionSean (help from Dominique / Jussi)
Properties - Has domain - Has DSS development stage1-highCompletedSuggestionSean
Update detailed documentation of how to create / edit new
New structure of the wiki start page2-mediumCompletedSuggestionChristian Rosset
Has description3-lowCompletedBugSean / Allan
Help page navigation link changed to Category:Help3-lowCompletedSuggestionSean