Question: DSS for defining a problem

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DSSs supporting participatory planning task: defining the planning problemHas support for social participationSupports stakeholder identificationSupports planning criteria formationHas forest management goalHas knowledge management processesHas MCDM method
EMDSEMDS.Support of social participationmulti-functional
user defined
EMDS.Knowledge management process
HeurekaHeureka.Support of social participationmulti-functionalHeureka.Knowledge management process
PSSisPSSis.Support of social participationforest fuel harvestingPSSis.Knowledge management process
PYLPYL.Support of social participationbiodiversity evaluation
biomass estimation
carbon sequestration
climate change impact
ecological classification
economic evaluation
landscape quality
non-wood production
soil erosion
water quality
wildlife habitat
wood supply planning
user defined
PYL.Knowledge management process
SiWaWaSiWaWa.Support of social participationbiodiversity evaluationSiWaWa.Knowledge management process