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Which DSS are available for forest planning ?

There are several queries formulated that allow to screen DSS according to different dimensions of decision problem (e.g. Temporal scale, Spatial scale, Objectives dimension, Goods and services dimension,..).

You might try this out: Question: Which DSSs are developed/used to address that specific Forsys problem?

Which techniques and models are used to implement DSS in forest planning ?

You might try this out: Question: What kind of decision support techniques are implemented in DSS

Which DSS are used to support participatory planning processes ?

There are several DSS that might be used to support the different participatory planning phases. By choosing one of the queries below you will get to know, which DSS can be used to define a decision problem, can help to explore and evaluate different options, helps to monitor the evaluation and planning process as well as the oucomes of the process:

defining a problem?

exploring options?

evaluating the options?

monitoring and evaluation of the planning process?

monitoring and evaluating the outcomes?

Which DSS utilize Knowledge Management techniques ?

There are DSS which support the different Knowledge Management processes and utilize different techniques to identify, structure and share knowledge. You might try out these queries:

Question 1: Which DSSs can support the KM processes?

Question 2: Which DSSs integrates KM techniques to identify and structure knowledge?