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Has responsible organisation BOKU
Has institutional framework proprietary development (forest administration)
Has DSS contact person Harald Vacik and Manfred J. Lexer
Has DSS contact e-mail harald.vacik@boku.ac.at
Has status used (stable and not upgraded/not upgraded recently)
Has accessibility restricted access
Is commercial product No
Has price
Has deployment cost <= 1‘000€
Has installation requirements desktop PC, Oracle (R) server
Has computational limitations not identified until now
Has user support organization BOKU
Has support team size 2
Has maintenance organization BOKU
Has input data requirements Data on policies and funding, Ecological data, Forest ownership data
Has input data format database
Has data validation error handling
Has output data format table, graph, pre-defined report, pre-programmed summaries
Has internal data management database
Has database Oracle
Has GIS integration N/A
Has data mining N/A
Has spatial analysis N/A
Has user access control Yes
Has parameterised GUI No
Has GUI usability feature Error handling and recovery, Guidance and help, User control
Has map interface N/A
Has GUI technology Visual C++
Has system type client-server (desktop)
Has application architecture DSD was designed to include five components: GUI, database, reporting and documentation, Help/Hypertext, scenario manager
Has communication architecture DSD was implemented in Borland® C++™ as a client/server architecture, with Oracle(R) as the relational database system. Thus, the inteface component of the program resides on the desktop computer of the user, and the application logic is on the central server of the forest region authorities. The GUI is completely based on Borland's VCL (Visual C Library), and the generation of reports is based on Quickreport™, which uses components of the Borland® C++™ programming environment
Uses operating system
Uses programming language
Is scalable No
Supports interoperability
Supports integration with other systems
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